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    Classic, Hybrid & Russian Eyelash Extensions Course

    On this course you will learn the practical and theory to be able to carry out a professional Classic, Hybrid & Russian Volume Eyelash Extension treatment on clients, it is a two day course and aimed at beginners. Eyelash extensions are a very popular treatment, with celebrities like Cheryl Cole having lovely long lashes that people are keen to replicate. Russian Volume lashes are fans of lashes applied on each of the clients single lashes, so you can create a fuller look without them being too heavy. They are easier for the client to maintain than the Temporary lashes as they are not as heavy and most clients will not even notice they are there during the day. They last for a long time but clients will need to return every 2-3 weeks for a top up as they do shed out with the natural shedding of the client’s lashes. You can charge £45-£85 per set and £20-£45 for infill.

    Course Content

    •Client Consultation

    -Health & Safety

    •Equipment knowledge

    •Eyelash application procedure

    •Client aftercare advice

    •Promoting and marketing your business

    Entry requirements


    Course Duration

    2 days


    9.30am to 3pm


    £445 including a kit


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