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    Terms & Conditions

    Thank you for choosing to book your course with Southend Nail and Beauty School please read through our terms and conditions carefully, by making payment you will be agreeing to our terms.

    – We require a 25% non refundable deposit to book you a date for your course. (More for courses which include a kit)

    – Until the deposit has been paid any dates you have discussed with us will not be held for you and may be given to another student.

    – We require the balance of your course to be paid 1 week before the start date of your training and if this is not paid on time with no written agreement in place for an extension you may be forfeiting your place on the course and will lose your deposit.

    – If you give us 1 week or more notice that you can’t attend your course date we will be able to reschedule the date for you free of charge (this will be to a date that is available for your course and convenient for us, this may involve waiting, being available last minute &/or being flexible. We do not issue refunds)

    -If less than 1 weeks notice is given of your cancellation the total cost of the course will be non refundable and non transferable. This is because we will be unlikely to fill your place at this short notice and will be out of pocket due to the cancellation.

    – We require you to turn up on time for your training as you are learning in a short space of time we utilise every minute and will have planned models to come in at certain times throughout the day. We will start the training on time as to not disadvantage any other students, so if you miss part of the theory you may need to pay extra to catch up on what you have missed. If you are over 30minutes late and haven’t contacted us, your place on the course will be cancelled and non refundable. Your tutor will use the time prior to your course to set up for the training so please arrive at the agreed time there’s no need to arrive early.

    – You are paying for accredited training within the agreed hours and not for the final certificate, we reserve the right to not issue your certificate if we feel you are not at the required standard. We may offer you additional help in obtaining your certificate free of charge. We will not offer this free of charge if you are not reaching the required standard through your own behaviour this may include but is not limited to; turning up late, having to leave early, not concentrating, turning up hung over, spending lots of time throughout the session using your phone.

    – Your tutor will go through with you a plan on what they require you to do, to obtain your certificate and this may include homework or giving you another time to attend free of charge. If you don’t turn up for this or follow the plan given to you we reserve the right to charge extra or withhold your certificate.

    – Additional training costs will be charged at £20 per 30minutes

    – Certificates will be sent out within 2 weeks of you finishing your course if you do not receive your certificate please let us know. If you contact us over 2 months after completing the course we can still re-issue your certificate but at a cost of £10, so it’s very important you let us know as soon as possible if you haven’t received your certificate.

    Each course we offer is either accredited by Professional Beauty Direct or ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) who you will be able to obtain insurance from to carry out the treatments professionally at home, mobile or within a salon once completed. It is the students responsibility to check that the insurer they wish to use will cover the course they are completing. Please ask us for full information if you need further guidance on this especially if you already have insurance through a company not listed above.

    Please carry out your own enquiries into any licsences you may need to carry out the treatments, all Councils are different and can change their policies at any time on what they require you to have.

    Please inform us as soon as possible if you know you will not be able to attend your course or will not be arriving on time, if this is out of hours please text 07888701972.


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